Motif Batik Lampung

Batik Motif Lampung

motif batik lampung

Lampung has a unique motif that is very different from other parts of Indonesia motif. According to history, the Lampung began to recognize the textile art since the 18th century coincided with the entry of Indian culture into Sumatra waters so pengarug Buddhist motif is very strong in it. The most famous motif and a bone of contention foreign collectors is the boat and the tree of life motif, this two-motif has become extremely agi culture is a trade mark of Lampung and Lampung in the eyes of the international world. offers the best option to ensure your visit Indonesia as per your expectations. With more than a few hotels scattered throughout the city in Indonesia, you are sure to find the property is convenient for you. Many regions, each with a distinctive atmosphere, just waiting to be found throughout the city in Indonesia. There are many other areas that have a lot of attractions to explore the past, present and future to attract interesting and exciting. There are so many things to do, you may want to stay an extra week or so to experience it all. If you‘re looking for a hotel do not want to pay too much, we offer hundreds of fantastic deals that are updated.

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